Central Kentucky WineFest

The Central Kentucky WineFest has been canceled for 2009. As you can see from our Ice Storm 2009 gallery, our grounds here at Old Crow Inn / Chateau du Vieux Corbeau have sustained massive damage from this disaster.

Actually, to be honest, the pictures are only the beginning of the story. The one gallery cannot contain all the photos I took of the damage to the property. The buildings were fortunate; the grounds most certainly were not. Many trees sustained so much damage that they will be removed completely - some time after we finish picking up the branches alone, which may take months. The vineyards took heavy losses - several hundred vines will need replacing, and I fear for this year's harvest. And none of the pictures show what used to be the nature trails - given that we are also a certified forest, you can image what our wooded areas look like. Complete, total, devastation.

We debated, long and hard, over the WineFest. We ultimately decided that it would be canceled - for this year - simply because there is no possible way we can clean up the grounds and prepare for a festival as well. One or the other would be shortchanged, and we can't bring ourselves to give you a shoddy festival or let our property suffer.

So look for us next year - hopefully bigger, and better, than in 2008. We have already laid plans, in conjunction with the clean up, for improvments to the porperty that will make the 2010 WineFest an event to remember.